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Ordering a Geriatric Pocket Doc

The “Pocket Doc” is designed to be helpful to professionals in the fields of social work, law, and law enforcement who encounter elder abuse. This sturdy little book is a guide to common geriatric disorders and medications. It's like having a doctor in your pocket!

Geriatricians Lisa M. Gibbs, M.D., Laura Mosqueda, M.D., and Steven Tam, M.D.; neuropsychologist Bonnie Olsen, Ph.D., and gero-pharmacist Bradley Williams, Pharm.D., CGP, collaborated with other professionals from University of California, Irvine Program in Geriatrics to give an overview of what we believe are the most common medical conditions facing the older adult population.  The Geriatric Pocket Doc addresses commonly asked questions about normal aging, and provides warning signs of elder abuse and neglect. It includes many helpful illustrations and charts.

Groups that use the Pocket Doc include Law Enforcement, Social Workers, Lawyers, Judges, Allied Healthcare Professionals, Caregivers, Conservators/Guardians, Older Adults, and Family Members

Now there are two ways to purchase the Geriatric Pocket Doc: and you're done!

Order your Geriatric Pocket Doc at

Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse & Neglect

Spiral-bound version, color interior, $12.50 per copy (tax included) + shipping and handling - see ordering options below.

Particularly recommended for tax-exempt organizations; please see details below


Cover image of Geriatric Pocket Doc


Topics include:

  • Screening for common geriatric problems
  • Signs and symptoms of common medical conditions
  • Memory loss and dementia
  • Depression
  • Commonly used medications
  • Medications/vitamins/supplements to beware of in older patients
  • Elder abuse definitions and examples
  • Forensic markers such as bruises, pressure sores

    Preview the 2nd Edition of the Geriatric Pocket Doc here:


    To buy a copy of the book, Geriatric Pocket Doc

    • Visit (Paperback and Kindle Editions available) 
      • Please note: if you are a tax-exempt organization, please use the option immediately below instead
    • Order online through the Center of Excellence website using your credit card, 
      • EXCEPTIONS: If you would like to order large quantities, are a tax-exempt organization, or have other questions about ordering the Pocket Doc, please DO NOT ORDER ONLINE!  Instead, please send an email to with your inquiry or request. Thank you.
    • Print and complete a downloadable order form (PDF) and send it to us with your check.

    Questions about ordering? Please send comments, suggestions, and inquiries by e-mail using the Contact Us feature.

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